Diving right In

Looking for place in my life to start my new blog has been difficult. I don’t want to hurt any ones feelings, but then I quickly realized how hurt my feelings have been over the past 40 or so years, so i decided i need to talk and get it all out there despite who gets hurt or angry over what i say.

My Truth My Way, isn’t always going to be perfected and written correctly, there are times that a lot of expression will pour out of me , and times i may just feel bleak. I’m using this as a kind of therapy because for some reason at 45 years old i am experiencing a lot of hurt and sadness about my up bringing and how i ended up in a horrific relationship that ended in tragedy, but i will get to that later.

I hope i found the right place to post my blogs, and i hope someone can learn from them as i go on.  I’m looking forward to meeting new people and forming new friendships